Work Experience

Papal documents, 16th to 18th century
Theological treatises, 15th to 18th century
Sovereign documents, 9th to 18th century
Academic treatises and credentials, 16th to 19th century
Court records
Marriage and baptismal register, register of death

Work sample, Translation of Papal Bull 1557

I, Paul, servant of the servants of God, to Clemens
of Boncliano, venerable cardinal of the holy Roman
Church, with apostolic blessing
The Church of Rome shines with the splendour of
great dignity and is highly esteemed by those who
disseminate its excellent doctrine in person, leading
a life of virtue. They honour the gift of grace with
outstanding generosity to those who are vehemently
seeking to enjoy their advice and to remain sheltered
in their sound state of mind. For this reason we constantly
desire to increase our efforts for the Curia. […]